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SMT Production

  •    CHIPS SIZE  Min. 0201
•    QFP   0.30mm pitch
•    BGA/CSP
•    Our SMT's are capable of handling both Lead and Lead free production process.


In Line Automatic Optical Inspection machines For Solder Paste



Manual Insertion and Box up production line

  1. Wave solder machine for Lead Free and Lead process.
  2. More than flexible 10 production lines and apply the cell production amangement.
  3. Familiar with Ultrasonic welding, Epoxy or conformal coating process.


Testing & Reliability Capability

  1. ICT testers
  2. AOI
  3. Scanner for Component inspection
  4. Functional test
  5. X-Ray inspection machine
  6. Drop test machine
  7. Salt & Fresh water spray test machine
  8. High & low temp. Chamber
  9. Fix temp. chamber

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