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Our business provides the contract manufacturing services to four major areas:

Industrial market

The industrial sector is our major producing products. We have made the full box built and system integration for the industrial products that involves PCB assembly, plastic case or metal case assembly. We have a flexible and high quality product lines to make these products. The quality requirement of industrial products is at least met the IPC 610 level II workmanship standard. Our production deal a high mix, medium size batch of products. We have to be very careful of the product's requirements on the production line. A quality management methodology and ERP system is developed to monitor the rapid change of the production line without a fault. On the other hand, we use most advance inspection equipments: Automatic Optical Inspection machine and X-ray for the quality check to reduce the possibility of human error.

Oil Seismic market


Our cable plant is dedicated for the oil seismic cable assembly that is a unique cable for marine and seabed acquisition cable. We work for the largest oil seismic system company in the world and are the only company to assemble these cables in the regions. Our Metal Machine shop (MMC) uses the high precision machine to make the titanium or steel connectors for the oil seismic system. The MMC is not only to provide the precision parts to oil & gas system, it also make critical metal parts for the automotive products.

Automotive market

Our factory are accredited TS16949 for automotive parts production. We have been a long history supplying the auto parts for Japan and USA automotive maker. Recently, we have also been officially approved by General Motor company as first tier supplier. The auto industry will be foreseen as a most prosperous business in the coming future. Our division has been strengthened on the auto parts design, automation testing system and product validation program.

Consumer market


We also provide OEM services for the consumer products. We have made an electronic game for a well know Japanese company. But we will select the projects very carefully in consideration of our company strategy.

In fact, we provide the lean manufacturing to these sectors. Our customers would ultimately gain the advantage of low cost of production and high quality of products. This is an ultimate reason to outsource your products to us.

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